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Automaton: New Game

2010-12-14 13:40:54 by littleNorwegians

That's right, a new game is in the works, by me.

now, it is in the very early stage of development.
You should go to my youtube page
and my Deviantart page
To see what I'm making. (A blog of sorts will be online some time in the near future)
Also, comment if you got any questions on anything posted.

It is a game being made in the Unreal Engine using UDK. (Unreal Development Kit)
The game is fully 3D, has physics and other neat features that comes with the engine.
It is in very early planning, but I'm working on it.

As a result, I will be moving away from Newgrounds and its flash-based contet.

- Littlenorwegians

Automaton: New Game

Automaton Part 3

2009-05-21 08:24:32 by littleNorwegians

Go here if you want to see my updates, sketches and to discuss the making of Automaton Part 3.

I'm open for suggestions and I haven't really started making the game since I must reach a certain level of skill to make it clear and somewhat decent to look at. Say your piece and be a part of making Automaton Part 3. Ideas, suggestions for puzzles, music, styles, etc are all welcome.

Automaton Part 3

Yes, it will. The camera view will be similar to games like Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. The game will still be point & click and a great focus will be on gameplay and being able to move, explore, solve puzzles, etc.
These are just sketches I've made.
Maybe I'll make a deviantart page soon and post stuff there. It will take a long time to make since I'm pretty much new when it comes to working with 3D.


Good,bad news.

2009-02-12 05:39:14 by littleNorwegians

Bad news; It appears that I have scripted myself in, so to speak with Bestia Fabula.
This will take time to fix. I'm glad I found out now before I sent it to sponsors.
Basically I have to alter almost the entire second half of the games script.

The good news is; the game will have alternative endings. I think it's about 10. These endings will be triggered according to how you act and what you do in the final scene.
Another good piece of news is that I'm getting a one week vacation starting the 16 of February.
That will give me lot's of time to both Bestua Fabula and Automaton part 3.

Heh, typical of me to make delays, eh?

Bestia Fabula is done. Almost.

The main structure of the game is done. Now all that is left is playtesting + bugfixing and finding a sponsor. That may sound like alot, but it varies on how fast it goes.

On a side note, however, since the game is done and I can't really do anything while people are going to test the game (Both sponsors and playtesters) I'm preparing Automaton Part 3, and making sure it's made properly.
The good thing with Bestia Fabula is that it gave me time to experiment with a lot of things, meaning that I learned a lot that can be used in Automaton.

Short Message

2008-12-11 12:54:55 by littleNorwegians

The game Bestia Fabula is soon done.
It will probably be released early next year because of Christmas themed games.

Automaton part 3 will be put into production after that.
I have already started planning for part 3, but little else.



2008-07-27 16:51:47 by littleNorwegians

OK, so I made this preview called Bestia Fabula.

But the name is quite... Special, meaning that few people will play the game because it's so akward.
So im asking you, what do you suggest should be the name of the new game.

Some info on the game
- It's a point & click adventure game
- It contains anthropomorphic animals
- It's got a slighter happier tone to it
- It takes place in the victorian era (1837-1901)

This is a test to see if these news updates are waste of time, or have some use at all...


2008-07-26 17:07:41 by littleNorwegians

It's here

I'll make many updates soon if people get interested in contributing to this game. The first will be the discussion of the title of the game, I think.
(Automaton part 3 will come after this game)


2008-06-22 12:01:35 by littleNorwegians

I'm going to post a flash preview/demo in the flash in awhile.
Showing that im doing stuff FTW.

Next project

2008-06-09 02:23:26 by littleNorwegians

OK, so maybe your wondering what i'm doing, or maybe your not, but i'm going to tell you what i'm doing flash wise.
I'm NOT going to make Automaton part 3 right away. I'm doing a stand alone game. It's a point & click game, but i'm going to experiment and make some original puzzles and gameplay elements.

CHECK in here some times and you will get more information on this new game and pictures of it aswell.