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Good,bad news.

2009-02-12 05:39:14 by littleNorwegians

Bad news; It appears that I have scripted myself in, so to speak with Bestia Fabula.
This will take time to fix. I'm glad I found out now before I sent it to sponsors.
Basically I have to alter almost the entire second half of the games script.

The good news is; the game will have alternative endings. I think it's about 10. These endings will be triggered according to how you act and what you do in the final scene.
Another good piece of news is that I'm getting a one week vacation starting the 16 of February.
That will give me lot's of time to both Bestua Fabula and Automaton part 3.

Heh, typical of me to make delays, eh?


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2009-02-12 08:19:44

Glad you're going to be done soon. Well i've honestly never heard about it. :P oh, and kingofbuttons, you're a racist.


2009-02-12 08:37:34

But please make the animations faster, cuz it was kinda booring waiting for the robot in Automaton to do what i ordered him to do...
+ Norway rules! xD

littleNorwegians responds:

Bestia Fabula does not have as many, long drawn out animations in it.

And Automaton part 3 will be all about the gameplay.
I heard the critic, constructive or not, from my previous project.


2009-03-13 21:18:29

You're still round, though :)


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