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Automaton Part 3

2009-05-21 08:24:32 by littleNorwegians

Go here if you want to see my updates, sketches and to discuss the making of Automaton Part 3.

I'm open for suggestions and I haven't really started making the game since I must reach a certain level of skill to make it clear and somewhat decent to look at. Say your piece and be a part of making Automaton Part 3. Ideas, suggestions for puzzles, music, styles, etc are all welcome.

Automaton Part 3


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2009-12-19 20:23:40

i cant wait until this is out! heres a idea for a part in the game : mK4 falls in a ocean and has to build something to get him out (a submarine. a fan. your choice)

(Updated ) littleNorwegians responds:

Are you by any chance a mind reader, shoeyp?
I've been playing with a... similar idea you see.

I think I'll maybe go for it.
I guess a thanks is in order for reinforcing this concept. Thank you, shoeyp .


2010-01-14 14:55:11

Not to be rude in any way, but what's wrong with continuing the story? Do you not have an idea how to continue? Either way, I thought the graphics were great, and I just can't wait until it's published!! Maybe you could have a twist, such as Crumpet being the king's secret spy/sidekick and have him turn good or just have his death be a staged thing, just to get away from MK4 so he could get back to the king! same could go for Hubert! These ideas may stink, but I'm just throwing them out there!!


2010-06-10 21:02:54

I just wanted you to know that I'm waiting for your next Automaton game. Cheers!


2011-01-29 22:41:15

Honestly, with the way that Holden was acting, I wouldn't be surprised if he shoves MK4 out of the boat on the way to the island. Not to mention I doubt that MK3 is finished. I remember from pt 0 that most of MK4's abilities had been removed, would be interesting to see more of those come out. :)


2011-06-15 20:31:21

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