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Automaton: New Game

2010-12-14 13:40:54 by littleNorwegians

That's right, a new game is in the works, by me.

now, it is in the very early stage of development.
You should go to my youtube page
and my Deviantart page
To see what I'm making. (A blog of sorts will be online some time in the near future)
Also, comment if you got any questions on anything posted.

It is a game being made in the Unreal Engine using UDK. (Unreal Development Kit)
The game is fully 3D, has physics and other neat features that comes with the engine.
It is in very early planning, but I'm working on it.

As a result, I will be moving away from Newgrounds and its flash-based contet.

- Littlenorwegians

Automaton: New Game


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2010-12-14 13:45:44

Cool, I'll check it out .


2010-12-25 14:56:51

Merry Christmas!


2011-01-04 02:41:24

sounds great.
i'm glad you've
been working on the 3d :D.
(the astoroyd and cogs looks real!)
can't wait for you to finish the game!
im so exeited about it


2011-01-11 04:53:39

happy new year!!!


2011-01-14 03:25:11

looks to of turnd into a firt pirson shooter game not a point and clic one eay?...