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2008-07-27 16:51:47 by littleNorwegians

OK, so I made this preview called Bestia Fabula.

But the name is quite... Special, meaning that few people will play the game because it's so akward.
So im asking you, what do you suggest should be the name of the new game.

Some info on the game
- It's a point & click adventure game
- It contains anthropomorphic animals
- It's got a slighter happier tone to it
- It takes place in the victorian era (1837-1901)

This is a test to see if these news updates are waste of time, or have some use at all...


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2008-07-27 16:55:27

I can't really come up with a good name. I need a little more info on it.

littleNorwegians responds:

Like what? I'll tell a little more.

-There is a mystery involved
- It all takes place in a big forest (Look at the map in the preview)


2008-08-26 16:27:54

Nah, keep that sexin title, it sexin rocks, for sex sake!!! Now do something about it. Not.

Get back to work >:O

Yeah............ um, hi, by the way!

... I'm gonna get right back to work myself...


2008-11-13 04:59:24



2008-12-11 00:26:54

I think the name is fine; it's eye catching and unique.

On the point of people saying your previous games have had too linear of puzzles, why not make difficulty levels? That way those who need straight forward, got it, and those who like a little puzzle with their cursing can enjoy it too. :)

Overall, the game's coming along quite nicely. Good luck!